Basically, we already know in the surface what is Serani.

Now, we will dive more in their culture to know them better.

First, how do you want to know if the person is a serani?

1) Through their names? Such as de costa, de silva, gomez, fernandes, dias, cruz etc. 
Reknowned Serani people are Tun Jeanne Abdullah  aka Jeanne Danker ( Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi's wife), Tony Fernandes (CEO of AirAsia ) and Hans Isaac (actor).

2) The way they speak. People brought up in the Portuguese Settlement have their own slang.

They do have their own language.
It is called Kristang. 

How about the festival they celebrate?
They do celebrate festivals as follow:

1) Intrudo
It is also known as Water Day. People splash water on everybody and no one in sight is spared a drenching. It is celebrated on Sunday.

2) San Pedro Festival
It is celebrated on 29 June in honour of St Peter, the patron saint of fishermen. It is celebrated with a carnival, decorative boats, folk dancing and a delicious array of typical Cristang food .

3)San Juang Festival
 This festival is celebrated on the evening of 23 June with the lighting of candles along the pathway leading to the entrance of the house. Children and adults wear green garments. Canje Mungoo, a  sweet porridge made from mung beans and sweetened with gula melaka and coconut milk is served throughout the day.

Canje Mungoo

 It is a time of feasting and family reunion. This is the time when traditional Cristang cuisine is at its peak. Age old recipes such as bolu, agar-agar, sersagung etc are brought out.

Significantly, its been 500 years,yet, they still maintain their tradition and culture. There will no end when talking about this interesting ethnic.We hope that we could explore more on their culture later. 
Till we meet then... Daaa...

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